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Want to live and work in the UK? The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) gives talented applicants the opportunity to immigrate to the UK.

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Work Permit Visa UK

Planning on working for a company in the UK? The Work Permit allows skilled employees to work for a company based in the UK.

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Worker Registration UK

Accession 8 National in the UK? You may be covered by this scheme if you want to work in the UK for more than one month.

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Business Visa UK

Want to run a business in the UK? The Business Visa encourages successful business people to settle in the UK and develop new or existing businesses.

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Family Visa UK

Want to be closer to your family? Under the Family class Visa, UK citizens and permanent residents can sponsor family members.

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Partner Visa UK

Want to join your partner/spouse in the UK? The UK Partner Visa is for people who want to come to the UK to join their partner or marry their UK fiancé.

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Student Visa UK

Want to study in the UK? The Student Visa allows overseas nationals to take advantage of a UK education and even work part-time.

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Visitor Visa UK

Want to travel to the UK? The UK Visitor Visa allows people to travel to the UK to sightsee or visit family and friends.

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Ancestry Visa UK

Grandparents born in UK? This visa is for people who want to live and work in the UK and can prove their UK ancestry.

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Immigration to the UK

The UK is a big immigration country: approximately a quarter of its 60 million people were born outside of the UK. Their countries of origin are diverse: they include the UK, China, Italy, Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa and many, many others.

Although the fertility rate sits at 1.66 children per female, this is well below the rate required, since the UK’s population is ageing rapidly (median age is 38.4 years and rising). Much of the UK’s population growth therefore, is due to immigration and this is expected to continue to be the case throughout the 21st century.

UK Skilled Visas
The UK particularly needs skilled persons to fill current and ongoing skill shortages. The UK’s Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) has some basic requirements which must be fulfilled by candidates, pre-requisites which include work experience, educational qualifications, levels of income in the applicant’s home country and demonstrated achievement in their chosen career path.

If granted, the work visa allows the holder to work in their chosen profession in any capacity they choose; as employee, self-employed person or consultant and so on. The HSMP is flexible and successful candidates may bring their spouse and families along with them to the UK to live (spouses will also be permitted to work).

Initially, if successful in applying for the HSMP, persons will receive a 12 month visa, which one month before expiration may be extended for another 3 years by the British government. After this period of time (a total of 4 years), individuals under the HSMP may apply for permanent residency and subsequently British citizenship.

Business Visas
There are four types of visa available to highly skilled business people who need to stay for an extended periods of time: Business, Business Visitor, Investor and Sole Representative.

The Business visa category is specifically aimed at those persons who intend to own and manage their own business in the UK. Major conditions of this visa include a minimum investment of £200,000 into your business and the creation of two jobs for UK nationals or permanent residents.

The Business Visitor visa is for those foreign persons recruited by companies based in the UK. The worker must be a professional and not someone in an unskilled or only semi-skilled industry. The visa is only for six months duration and work undertaken during the person’s time in Britain must be related to work in your home country or country of residence from which you come. Examples of individuals falling under this category include persons attending trade fairs in the UK, business people embarking on negotiations or consultants assigned to UK-based projects which are expected to take longer than just a few days or weeks.

The Sole Representative visa is a category aimed at those companies which have a major base of operations outside the UK and wish to establish a base or extend operations in the UK. A restriction of this visa is that the sole representative must not work in the UK outside of what is required to set up the branch or wholly owned subsidiary of the foreign corporation.

The visa is initially granted for one year, and may be extended for a further 3 years. After this, the sole representative may apply for permanent residency, which may then lead to citizenship.

The Investor visa is also known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ category for the reason that each applicant must at the very least establish he/she has £1,000, 000 (one million pounds) , three-quarters of which must be allocated to specific investments and one-quarter of which may be freely invested in any way the Investor chooses.

Potential investors may not work beyond what it takes them to manage their investments. However, after the first year, Investors may be permitted to stay for a further three years and after this period of time seek permanent residency, which may then lead to naturalization as a British citizen.

Family Visas
Family visas to the UK are aimed at those who have a genuine family relationship with a UK citizen. Children can usually be included as dependents of applicants on these and other types of visas, however, partners of UK citizens may have to fill out separate application procedures based upon their relationship with that person: Marriage, Fiancé(e), Unmarried Partner or European Economic Area (EEA) Marriage visa.

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