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Need a Temporary or Permanent Visa to Australia? All the information you require to make a decision and advise and guidance.

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Work Visa Australia

Want to live and work in Australia? Australia needs skilled workers! Over 200,000 jobs are advertised weekly, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in years. 102,500 Skilled Visas are to be granted by June 2008.

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Work & Holiday in Australia

Australian Working Holiday visa provides opportunities for people between 18 and 30 years of age from some countries to work and holiday in Australia.

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Visitor Visa (ETA) to Australia

Are you planning on travelling to Australia to visit family and friends? The Australian Government has now made it possible to arrange an ETA via the Internet. Issued Online.

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Student Visa to Australia

Would you like to study in Australia? Each year over 150,000 international students from around 140 countries drawn to Australia to study, work and live in Australia. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones.

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Business Visa Australia

Want to manage, purchase or set up a business in Australia? The Business Skills Visa class encourages successful business people to settle permanently in Australia and contribute to the Australian economy by developing new or existing businesses.

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Immigration New Zealand

The appeal of New Zealand to migrants with its very high standard of living is evident from the large amount of people who migrate there from over 140 countries worldwide – almost 1 in 5 New Zealanders today were at some point in their lives themselves immigrants. Just as they have been accepted into the New Zealand community and become fully integrated, so it is expected will the 30,000-40,000 immigrants anticipated to enter New Zealand over the next 12 months.

Although the fertility rate sits at 1.79 children per female, this is well below the rate required, since New Zealand’s population is ageing (median age is 34 years and rising). Much of New Zealand’s population growth therefore, is due to immigration and this is expected to continue to be the case throughout the 21st century.

Skilled Visa
The Skilled Migrant category is open to candidates who possess the requisite skills and/or training. In order to be eligible for this visa - which gives you permanent residency and perhaps one day citizenship – candidates must meet pre-requisite conditions, including fluency in the English language, as well as pass a points test. Those in jobs which are in high demand in NZ will be able to earn bonus points.

Under this category, candidates at the initial stage are invited to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ from which the NZ government will use as a basis for choosing applicants.

Business Visas
There are four types of visa available to highly skilled business people who need to stay for an extended periods of time: Investor, Entrepreneur, Employees of Businesses Relocating to NZ, and the Long Term Business Visa (LTBV). All but the last category are permanent residency visas. Under these categories, usually the applicant must demonstrate reasonably good fluency in the English language, as well as relevant fixed criteria for each category. The Investor category has a points test that also must be passed.

Family Visas
Family visas to New Zealand are granted on the basis of a genuine family relationship with a NZ citizen. Accordingly, potential immigrants must have be sponsored by their NZ relative, partner (or fiancé(e)). This sponsor must be able to provide all the applicant’s financial and accommodation needs for the first 2 years of their stay. The types of visa candidates may be eligible for: Spouse/Partner, Dependent Child, Parent and Adult Child/Sibling.

English Language Courses
For immigrants or refugees requiring advancement in their English skills in order to attain permanent residency, the government-run Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) can help with finding training in English as a Second Language (ESOL) at a reduced cost. Some unemployed migrants and recent refugees may be eligible for other low-cost English (ESOL) programs as well as other work-related training.

Otherwise, there are a range of private tuition courses available. Check the internet, newspapers and postings at education institutions for further details.

For children and university students, there are a number of programs within the school system. Many schools provide extra English language tuition for students who do not speak it as their first language.

Immigration Advice
Under New Zealand law, migration agents or consultants are usually associated with a national body called NZAMI, the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment. Using a migration agent affiliated with NZAMI should ensure that the advice you get is as close to government policy as possible. Beware of persons who parade themselves as migration agents but who lack the appropriate training and experience.

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